“I am a receiver as much as a creator” ~ Davis

The beauty I see unfolds from the interesting plays of light and dark across the topography of the subject. What you take away from the session is fine art imagery that captures the nuance of a person’s expression, revealing layers of personality. I put this philosophy to practice in both studio and location assignments.

After an extensive career in commercial photography, I now balance my interests between my first love portraiture and commercial assignments. As a master photographer, I have worked with magazines, businesses, and families to create stimulating and interpretive portraits.

Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to have been recognized with various commendations including 1st place in the  Paris International PX3 Award and “compassionate photographer of the year”. Also I’ve been chosen to create portraits for some notable people such as David Crosby, Melinda and Bill Gates, The Dalai Lama,  Dave Brubeck, Mary Shirley, Tom Wolfe, Anne Hauberg, Dave Matthews, Robin Held, and John Updike.

My images are part of many permanent collections including Tacoma Glass Museum, The Ralph Lauren Collection, Washington State University, and the City of Seattle. My images have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the US and Europe.

 I genuinely look forward to working with you to fulfill your photographic needs, whether  individual, family, or commercial.

Seattle, WA


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