I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. ~ Oscar Wilde

2014 was a strange photographic year for me.  I realized that I used my iPhone more than my Nikon when taking personal photographs. I never thought I’d get used to looking at a video screen instead of a viewfinder. But Truthfully, I enjoy the ease and convenience using the iPhone rather than carrying around the Nikon I use for my professional work. Here are some of my best  iPhone photos for the year.

Over the summer Beth and I spent a few days in Vancouver, B.C. Walking around the city we bumped into this fine little restaurant, Bin 941. Sitting in our window seat I noticed this shadow appear on the entryway. Before the shadow turned into a person, I captured this image with my iPhone,


Summer is a time to get out o f the city and explore. Beth and I planned to drift down to Tacoma over the Narrows Bridge and drive north up the peninsula. I hadn’t been to Tacoma in years and I was surprised at the changes. We ended up spending our entire day there. Part of it was spent in the park where I saw this Hispanic woman celebrating Quinceañera. She was rushing up the stairs with her photographer. The light was perfect.


We northwesterners always look forward to summer. For us these are the days  after July 4th and before Labor Day. The weather is more predictable, the days are long and the temp is usually shirt sleeve. During those days I saw some interesting sights.

IMG_1272 IMG_1210 copy IMG_0904




A dear young friend, Erin and her fiancé came up with the idea of announcing their engagement via a posting on the Guild 45th marquee. Brilliant idea!  They asked me to digitially capture the fulfillment of their dream.  The management at the Guild 45th were grand in putting the info on their marquee. Real pros these.Roberts0714-58-Edit

We all convened one late summer evening to catch this shot. My close friend, Bill, was visiting from New Zealand and I drafted him as my assistant. They’ve since been married.


In May, I received a call from KING-TV asking if I’d be interested in being interviewed and giving an on-air lesson in “Selfies”. Of course, I was flattered and accepted. Then I set out to come up with some good selfie techniques.  Here are a few of the results.IMG_2066 IMG_0892 IMG_0981 selfie_catherine

The year ended with a trip to my home state Louisiana and my adoptive home, New Orleans. Beth and I drove around for days and I’d point at a levee and say, “There’s the Mississippi.” Finally she said, “I don’t see the River, only  some hills.” I laughed when I realized the levee hides the actual river. To remedy my oversight, we walked through Audubon Park in New Orleans and found the River. Beth was over the moon. IMG_2532

The year came to a close with one of my favorite activities a walk around my neighborhood. I spotted a stunning sunset and captured some gorgeous light beaming on a bench that’s been dedicated to my late wife, Hattie.

IMG_1535 QA_Walk10.12.14-4-2

SIgn_Davis 80k


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  1. Jessica Fields February 6, 2015 at 7:44 pm #

    Davis, you are such a talented man and I love this blog post. Thank you. Sure wish I had taken your iPhone techniques lessons before I left as that is all I am shooting with. Warmest regards, Jessica

    • Davis Freeman February 6, 2015 at 7:48 pm #

      That you Jessica.. Hope all is well down south,

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