The discovery of this process was serendipitous. While working in my studio on an annual report, having run out of my typical Polaroid I found on my film shelf a box of Polaroid Type 53. Although uncommon, it would serve the purpose.  In a pinch, I grabbed the T53 and pulled a few images. As I was about to throw away the backing, I noticed a faint but interesting image appear. That was the beginning of what I would call an Illustratype. Illutratypes are a photographic process derived by developing Polaroid Type 53 film and then using the paper backing (or “paper negative”) to create a print image.  When dried, the paper negative is scanned into a computer; then the image is inverted to the positive and  printed out as a digital pigmented print. The solarization occurs during the film’s development. The word “Illustratype” is derived from the Latin illutsra- -re to enlighten and -type in the tradition of photographic processes.

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