NW Artists

Jacob LawrenceBob JonesFye JonesKaren GuzakPatti WarashinaRandy HayesCatherine SkinnerGary HillGinny RuffnerFrancis CellantanoRosette GaultBuster SimpsonDoris ChaseGuyton StubbsWm. CummingsJulie SpeidelAlden MasonMarsha GlazierBetsy WeillSarah TeofanovVyvyn LazongaGaylen Hansen
I moved to Seattle in the mid 1970s. My camera was always at my side snapping photos of those around me. In 1982 I purchased my Hasselblad and moved mostly to the square format. I also began documenting the artists  I knew and those whose work I admired. Around 2001, the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs commissioned me to photograph about a dozen “living legends”. Here is the series. Enjoy.