Triptychs (a new & exciting approach to the family portrait)

binn triptych.jpgTrips06.jpg1bLOWE_Left.jpgberry_triptych.jpgAckLing.jpgTrips03.jpgbodine.jpgCS1_4715.jpghammonR.jpghurlock_trip.jpgjohn_trip_R.jpgRauchtrip4x6 copy.jpgrue triptych.jpgtaft triptychRG.jpg
Davis’s family triptychs are a series of three images that create a dynamic portrait of the sitters. Davis has said, “With the triptych approach, I photograph the playful interaction among family members and then combine three images that express the power, love, and natural relationship of the sitters.” These are true works of photographic art for the discerning.