“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” Frank Herbert

I find all of my clients to be immensely interesting and the images I create for them to be a true honor and a pleasure. However, every so often an image jumps out that speaks to me a little more intimately than another.  Here are a few of those, from my commissioned work,  from the past year.   I’ll post my personal work highlights from 2014 soon.

SIgn_Davis 80k


I had the distinct pleasure of working with a terrific family to create a series of family portraits. As it turned out I worked several hours with them at and around their home. Among others, they selected two family portraits and then one each of their children. For the techies out there, nothing but a window cove and sunlight for these.


svenson-4boys    svenson-278 bal done-2

Spring rolled around and I took a  a stroll with these twins. I’ve been photographing them for years and always enjoy their energy. This day, at this moment, they were in a self-reflective, Diane Arbus, way.  Love this one.

Bowles_0813-144-Edit  Heidi stopped by for a simple professional portrait. After the session, she slipped on the jacket to leave. I noted the high collar and couldn’t resist. A large print of this one now hangs on her wall. Heidi2014-44


I have been working for a while on a series for successful women (and success is defined by the individual), I refer to as “Inner | Style”. These images are designed to be a complete, involved experience. One of the subjects referred the sessions as a “Photo Spa”.  Briefly, Inner | Style starts when one of the fabulous stylists I work with visits your home and helps  choose a distinctive wardrobe for the photo session. At the studio the stylist adds a few final touches, then on to the session. After it’s wrapped I ask the sitter to express what this experience provided them. Finally I inscribe on their portraits their stories, add a frame, and provide them with a work of art. That’s the Inner | Style experience.

SeelyKim-50-Edit-Edit GemmaIS-161-Edit-3-Edit Dorsey_L0314-64-Edit-2

This spring I was asked by Pratt Fine Art center to donate a work of my photographic art for their live auction. Additionally, I suggested I set up a “photo booth” to capture the spirit of the evening. It was a grand evening.

Here are a few of the attendees..Dressed to the nines.Pratt2014-21


This fall, I worked with a young man who will soon be graduating from circus school. His degree, if I recall correctly, will be in “rope”. Here is one from a series. We worked for almost two hours. He effortlessly climbed the rope as he twisted and turned to create the most awesome poses. At the end, I grabbed the rope and tried to climb, hand over hand. I made it, maybe, two inches! He is an amazing athlete and talent. Here’s one: Weill-120





Toward the end of the year, Sound Transit hired me to instruct some of their staff on the ins and outs of mastering the iPhone camera and a few apps. Among other things, I broke them into groups of three with the assignment being to photograph their group. This group was very creative in their approach. Their idea; my finger.STWorkshop


Happy New Year 2015!!

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  1. Leilani McCoy January 6, 2015 at 10:50 pm #

    Intriguing and beautiful. The inner soul caught in all.

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