About DAvis Freeman


Photographing gave me an entry to life. As a child and young adult, I had no idea one could earn a living by taking pictures. In my teens and early 20s I was an ardent student and devotee of the medium capturing my environment. In my head, however, my career path would begin with a degree in psychology and counseling people.


“I am a receiver as much as a creator. The beauty I seek, I find in the interesting plays of light and dark across the topography of my subject. “

My Phd plans fell flat when I attempted to be admitted to a program that turned out to be a degree in experimental psychology. As Woody Allen might have said, "I loath statistics". And then, an idle conversation at a out-of-town party send me down a path to being degreed and employed for a time as a bio-medical photographer. 

From there, destiny, hard work and opportunity led me to a long and very fulfilling career.

Basically, I am a kid from Louisiana whose mother arrived in my home town by covered wagon and whose father at 16 was riding the depression era rails and ended up in Baton Rouge. I'm forever grateful of the opportunities my generation has had in following the American Dream. The Dream in my case was using my creativity, skills and business to survive in this carnival without a net.

I hope you enjoy my images. Feel free to drop me a note or follow me on Instagram.  @jdavisfreeman