Nordstrom Annual Report
Paul Brainerd, founder Aldus Corp
Annual Report
Board of Regents, UW circa 1984
SQL Mazazine, Bill's Lake, Microsoft Corp
Tim Girvin Design, ad campaign for cellphone, circa, 1999
Lenny DelGenio, George Magazine
Airborne Annual Report
WAMU, annual report
Tim Girvin Design, ad campaign, cell phones 1999
Fisher Corp Annual
Booth Gardner, Washington State Governor
Norm Rice, Seattle Mayor
Professional Portrait
Annual Report, Microsoft Corp 1988
Cover Image, University of Washington's Magazine
Editorial image, Microsoft Corp
Howard Shultz official portrait, Starbucks Corp
Mastermind behind the Beoing 747.
Advertising Campaing Microsoft, L.A. airport
Scientist, University of Washington
Heart Transplant Surgery, University of Washington
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