Museum of glass residency


I was invited to be a visiting artist at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. It was in conjunction with a Michael Kenna exhibit. Here is part of my pitch to the museum to secure the residency:

The Michael Kenna exhibit provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate portraiture. Although Kenna’s images are primarily landscape they, tend to be areas were people have been or will be. He is keenly conscious of the human element in his choice of location. In referring to his landscapes, Kenna, has stated of his locations: 

“I often allude to a theater stage set. We are waiting for the actors to come out.”

These portraits might be considered the actors for Kenna’s stage. This selection is from one day of creating portraits of the staff, visiting artists and visitors to the Glass Museum. After my day of shooting, I printed and installed a selection from the day. The composite piece gives an idea of the finished work. All were using my Illustratype Polaroid process.